Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Pepper Robot Japan

Japan’s preferred Pepper robot can estimate your feeling, dress up in cute dresses and now, it can discover to perform basic game.

Pepper’s human overlords have exhibited that their robotic baby can understand the way to play the ball-and-cup game practically on its own. At first, they direct its arm to move the ball on its string into the glass. And then they let it go to work through trial-and-error until it achieves accomplish competence of the game. After ONE HUNDRED attempts, the little male is a professional player and gets the ball in the pot every single time. All the while, it looks at us the viewer with the same deadlocked side eye. It’s unnerving.

Maybe something altered in Pepper when it got mixed up with IBM’s Watson earlier this year, but there’s something sinister going on here. Or maybe it’s just thinking about a dirty joke and trying to keep from giggling.